Sunday, February 28, 2010

a short video

good evening everyone... i have not posted in a while... sorry about that...

so this afternoon my father sent me a video (less than 2 minutes long) and i have decided to share it with you... tell me your thoughts...


adam andrews johnson

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

topic number 2: "before we get to life on earth, lets talk about the life of the earth"

thanks to the couple of people who have posted on my blog so far! i hope more people will join in soon. feel free to go back and post your thoughts on the first blog if you have more. i am hoping these topics will stay open and as new thoughts come up, new posts will be added to the blog. so far we haven't had anyone post from the more fundamentalist side of the argument and i'd love to see the debate really go back and forth.

alright, let's move on...

topic 2: "before we get to life on earth, lets talk about the life of the earth"

solar systems, galaxys, and the universe are moving and growing, living, being born and dying, almost like clockwork. Some people believe that the universe could be no different than it is, that it has to be this way, and it is an act of the Supernatural to be this perfect. Others believe there was an infinite amount of possible outcomes for the universe, and it just happened to end up the way it is Naturally. What do you think?

p.s. this question may be a little more out there (pun definitely intended) but i hope it will spark some interesting theories and maybe some interesting scientific facts will come out as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A welcome, and topic number 1: "For the beginning, why not start at the Beginning?"

Hello everyone!
Let me begin by saying I am a blogging virgin. This will be my first attempt at the wide world of blogging! So any advice on the subject would be appreciated...

As for a little background on myself, I want to lay it on the table first and formost that I am an Atheist, not an Agnostic. I love science. I love spirituality. (How can an atheist have spirituality? That is one of the things we will discuss here in my blog.) I was raised in the Church and believed it wholeheartedly. My life took some different turnings and I walked down some different paths. I am very open-minded and would love discussing anything and everything as long as I've got a discussing partner. This leads us to my blog...

I set this blog up in hopes that people of all belief systems (Atheist; Christian, Fundamentalist or otherwise; Muslim; Hindu; Buddhist; Scientist of any field; Skeptics of any variety; etc.) could get together and peacefully discuss difficult topics, freely expressing their opinions and reading the beliefs of others. I do not intend to delete anyone's posts, however, if anyone posts anything cruel, I will not hesitate to remove their post. I will not limit access to anyone, but I will regulate if need be. I intend for this blog to be a free space for anyone with any belief to feel comfortable.

Note: One thing that I believe will be important for this blog is references. If you quote someone, note from where you took it. If you mention a scientific study, note in which journal or newspaper it appeared. etc... Thanks, I hope this turns out to be everything i am hoping for :)

shall we begin?

topic 1: "For the beginning, why not start at the Beginning?"

The Universe: Do you believe that the occurance of all existance in the Universe came about Naturally or Supernaturally?